PBA • Philippine Basketball Association
PBA • Philippine Basketball Association the premier professional basketball league in the Philippines. First pro league in Asia, and 2nd oldest to the NBA. Formed in 1975 from nine cage teams which exited MICAA. The PBA sends the best national teams to international competitions. Known PBA teams include Ginebra, San Miguel, Crispa, Talk N Text, Alaska, Toyota, Purefoods and more.
Ang PBA • Philippine Basketball Association ang pangunahing liga propesyonal ng basketbol sa Pilipinas. Una sa Asya, at ikalawa sa NBA na liga sa mundo. Nabuo noong 1975 mula sa siyam na koponan mula MICAA. Ang PBA din ang nagpapadala ng pambansang koponan. Ang Ginebra, San Miguel, Crispa, Talk N Text, Alaska, Toyota, Purefoods at iba pa ay ilan sa mga kilalang koponan dito.
Philippine Basketball Association
PBA - Philippine Basketball Association
43 PBA Seasons

• PBA Favorite Links

• PBA formation in 1975

➡ Toyota Comets, Crispa Redmanizers, U-Tex Weavers, Carrier Weathermakers, Mariwasa-Noritake Porcelainmakers, Presto Ice Cream, Royal Tru-Orange, Seven-Up Uncolas and Tanduay Distillery were the nine teams that formed the PBA in 1975. The first game of the PBA was between Concepcion Carrier and Mariwas-Noritake at the Araneta Coliseum on April 9, 1975.

• First officials

➡ The first commissioner of the PBA was Leo Prieto, while Emerson Coseteng was the president (now called chairman).

• Toyota versus Crispa

➡ The first PBA decade saw the bitter rivalry between Toyota and Crispa. Though these two teams are now defunct from the PBA, it fielded the best ever players known to have played in the pro league. These include greats like Ramon Fernandez, Atoy Co, Robert Jaworski, Francis Arnaiz, Bogs Adornado and Philip Cezar.

• Ginebra • Never Say Die

➡ The most popular team in the PBA is Ginebra, and the great legend, then player-coach Robert Jaworski. Their "Never Say Die" attitude was coined on November 22, 1985 after Jaworksi steered then Ginebra San Miguel to an upset victory over the highly touted guest squad NCC • Northern Consolidated Cement. NCC was comfortably ahead of Ginebra when Jaworski was hit by an elbow from NCC import Jeff Moore. Jawo was later sent to the hospital for seven stitches, and NCC was well on their way to winning the contest by 15 points lead when Jaworski returned with seven minutes to the game. Jaworski sparked Ginebra with defensive and offensive brilliance, making himself a nightmare to the stunned NCC players. Ginebra later conquered NCC, all thanks to Jaworski's heroics.

• San Miguel Championships

➡ The San Miguel Beermen holds the most PBA Championship trophies presently at 25.

• PBA Teams and Names

➡ PBA Teams are made-up of corporation owned teams. They are not branded by geographical location or cities like in Euroleague or the NBA, but by brand names and monickers. One good example would be the San Miguel Beermen and the Crispa Redmanizers. San Miguel and Crispa are corporation brand names, while Beermen and Redmanizers are nicknames or monikers.

• PBA Seasons

➡ The annual season format of the PBA is divided into conference cups. The present setup of a PBA season includes three conference cups: the Commissioner's Cup, the Philippine Cup and the Governor's Cup. The Philippine Cup is the prestigious conference of the three, since it does not include import reinforcements. Any team which wins all three in one season is crowned as "Grand Slam" titlists.

• PBA Draft

➡ New player acquisition from the collegiate and amateur ranks is done in the annual PBA draft. The draft pick usually begins after the Governor's Cup, before the resumption of the next PBA season. New PBA players must now go through the PBA D-League

• PBA Commissioners

• 2015–present • Chito Narvasa
• 2010–2015 • Chito Salud
• 2008–2010 • Sonny Barrios
• 2007–08 • Sonny Barrios (OIC)
• 2003–2007 • Noli Eala
• 1993–2002 • Jun Bernardino
• 1992–1993 • Rey Marquez
• 1988–1992 • Rodrigo Salud
• 1983–1987 • Mariano Yenko
• 1975–1983 • Leo Prieto

• PBA Chairman

• 2016–17 • Mikee Romero
• 2015–16 • Robert Non
• 2014–15 • Patrick Gregorio
• 2013–14 • Ramon Segismundo
• 2012–13 • Robert Non
• 2011–12 • Mamerto Mondragon
• 2010–11 • Rene Pardo
• 2009–10 • Alberto Alvarez
• 2008–09 • Joaqui Trillo
• 2007–08 • Tony Chua
• 2006–07 • Victorino Vargas
• 2005–06 • Eliezer Capacio
• 2004–05 • Buddy Encarnado
• 2003 • Casiano Cabalan Jr
• 2002 • Francisco Alejo
• 2001 • Ignatius Yengco
• 2000 • Wilfred Uytengsu
• 1999 • Reynaldo Gamboa
• 1998 • Bernabe Navarro
• 1996 • Teodoro Dimayuga
• 1995 • Jose Concepcion
• 1994 • Wilfred Uytengsu
• 1991–1993 • Moro Lorenzo
• 1987–1990 • Rey Marquez
• 1983–1986 • Honeyboy Palanca
• 1976–1982 • Domingo Itchon
• 1975 • Emerson Coseteng

• Perennial Champion Teams

25 Titles

14 Titles

13 Titles

13 Titles

11 Titles

9 Titles

8 Titles

6 Titles

4 Titles

4 Titles

3 Titles

3 Titles

2 Titles

2 Titles

2 Titles

2 Titles

• PBA National Teams

°  The PBA has represented the Philippine national basketball team since the 1990 in Asian Games (now FIBA Asia Cup), in the FIBA Asian Championships, the Olympics basketball and FIBA World Cup. The current national team is bannered by PBA stars and is known as Gilas Pilipinas.

• PBA Records

Most PBA Titles by Franchise
San Miguel • 25
Most PBA Titles by Coach
Tim Cone • 21
Most PBA MVP award
Fernandez, Patrimonio, Fajardo
Most PBA Best Import award
Bobby Parks
PBA Founded on
April 9, 1975 • Araneta Coliseum
Most PBA crowd attendance
54,086 spectators • Philippine Arena
Oldest player to play
Robert Jaworski • 50
Most PBA Titles by Streak
Crispa • 6
Most Points in a Game by a Local
Allan Caidic • 79
Most Points in a Game by an Import
Tony Harris • 105
Highest Scoring Game • 21-Nov-1985
197 Ginebra vs Great Taste 168
Lowest Scoring Game • 3-May-2000
47 Shell vs Mobiline 79

• PBA Salaries

• 420,000* monthly max player salary (2011)
• 50,000* monthly lowest player salary
• Minimum of one month PBA contract
• 27 million* minimum team salary cap
• 36 million* maximum team salary cap
• 6,000* player win bonus in elimination
• 8,000* player win bonus in quarterfinals
• 10,000* player win bonus in finals
• Unknown player bonus for championship
• Player contracts limited to three years
• 25,000USD max import salary cap
• 500,000* monthly once max player cap
• 20,000* monthly minimum referee salary
• 40,000* monthly maximum referee salary
• 500 - 2,000* game allowance per referee
• *currency in Philippine Peso

• PBA Rules

• Hybrid amateur FIBA • pro NBA rules
• Four 12 Minute Quarters
• Allows zone defense
• Advantage foul "Unsportsmanlike foul"
• Trent Tucker rule
• Penalty after 5 team fouls, bonus 2 FTs
• Disqualification of 6 fouls per player
• 1 foul to give before penalty in last 2 minutes
• 2 fouls allowed in first 3 minutes of OT
• PBA draftees must attend PBA D-League
• Imports Commissioners • Governors
• Teams allowed to sign-up to 14 players

• PBA D-League

PBA D-League
• The PBA Developmental League serves as the minor league for the Philippine Basketball Association. All new incoming local draftees to the pro-league are required to play in the amateur basketball league for at least seven games. It is thought to supersede the now defunct PBL. All incoming cagers from the UAAP, NCAA, CESAFI and other colleges must enter the D-League before playing in the PBA. Fil-foreigners may opt not to play the seven games for two conferences requirement in the D-League if they enter the draft at least 27 years old.
Famous Players in the PBA

• Perennial PBA MVP Winners

Ramon Fernandez
Ramon Fernandez
Junemar Fajardo
Junemar Fajardo
Alvin Patrimonio
Alvin Patrimonio
Bogs Adornado
Bogs Adornado
Benjie Paras
Benjie Paras
James Yap
James Yap
Danny Ildefonso
Danny Ildefonso
Abet Guidaben
Abet Guidaben
Willie Miller
Willie Miller

• All Time Scoring Leaders

Top 10 All Time Scoring Leaders in PBA History. PBA legend and four-time PBA MVP Ramon Fernandez tops the all-time scorers list with 18,996 total career points made.
18,996 points
Ramon Fernandez
15,901 points
Alvin Patrimonio
15,775 points
Abet Guidaben
12,994 points
Atoy Co
12,268 points
Nelson Asaytono
12,077 points
Philip Cezar
12,008 points
Jojo Lastimosa
11,967 points
Bogs Adornado
11,760 points
Robert Jaworski
11,719 points
Allan Caidic

• Highest Scoring Averages

Top 10 Highest Scoring Averages in PBA Season History. Danny Florencio made a name for himself in 1977, scoring a whopping 32.3 points per game for his team 7-Up. It must be noted that Chip Engelland normed his 29.0 season scoring average as naturalized member of guest team NCC • Northern Consolidated Cement.
32.3 PPG
1977 • Danny Florencio
29.0 PPG
1984 • Chip Engelland
27.9 PPG
1985 • Ricky Brown
27.8 PPG
1984 • Ramon Fernandez
27.4 PPG
1982 • Bogs Adornado
27.4 PPG
1989 • Allan Caidic
27.0 PPG
1975 • Bogs Adornado
26.6 PPG
1990 • Allan Caidic
26.2 PPG
1981 • Bogs Adornado
25.8 PPG
2011-12 • Gary David

• PBA Legends

Robert Jaworski
Ramon Fernandez
Junemar Fajardo
Alvin Patrimonio
written by Rock Punzalan
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